Life Above The 45th, LLC

A lifestyle company that looks to share with the world just how unique the people, environment, communities and products are that stem from the area above the iconic 45th parallel.  Have a look, find a retailer near you, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and enjoy a taste of life above the 45th parallel...
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Life Above The 45th, LLC
    Welcome to Life Above The 45th, LLC, a company highlighting and engaging in everything that makes life above the iconic northern 45th parallel so unique, so diverse and so great...
    We ask that you look around, enjoy some pictures of some wonderful sights, look to participate in events and see where to shop for LAT45th items to support our mission.
    If there are items you wish to share, recommend, assist with or seek assistance with please feel free to contact as we strive to broaden the engagement of Life Above The 45th into all things cool!
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Earth Friendly

At the heart of Life Above The 45th is community.  It is why we do this and what we live for every day up above the iconic line that is the 45th parallel.
At Life Above The 45th, LLC we try our hardest to minimize our footprint on our beloved earth.  Using recycled, sustainable and renewable resources whenever possible, our mission is to keep the damage to a minimum while maximizing the end product we provide to our customers.   
Some of our tee shirts are sourced from Bamboo, hemp and organic cotton while other products are made from recycled bottles, reclaimed wood and repurposed materials.

While we are far from being the best at saving the planet we do care a great deal and will do our best to accommodate the wishes of those to whom it matters more.


Have a cool event that you want to make even cooler?  Have an idea for a new event that you need funding for?  Let us know as we always look to expand the reach of what we participate in and what helps out our communities.  ​​
Roughly 10% of the world's population lives above the 45th parallel...  While an estimated 4% of the U.S population shares that distinction.