Life Above The 45th, LLC

A lifestyle company that looks to share with the world just how unique the people, environment, communities and products are that stem from the area above the iconic 45th parallel.  Have a look, find a retailer near you, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and enjoy a taste of life above the 45th parallel...


  1. Stickers
    Bring a little piece of The North with you and stick it wherever you like. Show your pride and share with others how great it is above the 45th.
  2. Drinkware
    For those nights on the deck watching the sun go down, out for a hike, around the bonfire with friends or just dinner at home on a Tuesday these are a great way to enjoy some fine Northern Michigan libation...
  3. Wooden Pieces
    Wooden Pieces
    Choose from our current selection of wooden pieces or commission a custom one that will fit what you need. Using locally sourced wood and artisans and able to accommodate most any piece desired, put a rugged touch in your decor with these hand crafted and highly appealing items.